How to Use the AIDA Formula to Catch Your Reader’s Attention

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Have you ever wondered how marketers can keep you on their website for so long? A good way to hold your attention is the AIDA formula. This technique is a perfect way to create persuasive content and convert more visitors into customers. Read how to use the AIDA formula on your website today!


When you are trying to attract your reader, you can use the AIDA formula. This old copywriting formula is successful in catching the attention of readers, because it provides you with the four main feelings that ensure attention. If you are using this copywriting technique correctly, then your reader will stay longer on your website and more likely become your customer. The AIDA formula is used in advertising to grab the attention of new prospects. It helps marketers communicate the advantages of their products or services. They use certain words or phrases to stimulate different senses. These are represented by four colors:

  • Red – visual
  • Blue – auditory
  • Yellow – olfactory
  • Green – gustatory

The AIDA marketing formula can help you create persuasive copy that will grab your readers’ attention the first time they read it. This formula stands for “Attention, Interest, Desire and Action” and gives you a clear idea of what to do in each stage of the marketing process. Find out how this formula works by reading this article!

What the AIDA Formula is

The AIDA formula is a standard psychological concept that was developed in the late 1800s. It is typically used by marketers to help them write persuasive copy. This formula is used in order to successfully generate sales leads and increase profits. It is used to promote any product or service. It breaks advertising copy writing into the four stages “Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action”. First, the attention step gets people interested in your idea or product by attracting them with an engaging headline or powerful message. The next step is interest where you create curiosity about what you’re trying to market. Next, it’s time for the desire. Here you give proof of your product or service and why it will be beneficial. Finally, it’s time for action, baby! Tell them what they can do to get their desired result from using your product or service.

How to Use the AIDA Formula

The AIDA formula is a marketing strategy created in 1898 by E. St. Elmo Lewis. It’s a proven strategy to help businesses get their message across and capture a reader’s attention. When you use this formula you will be able to increase your click-through rates and time spent on your website. The AIDA formula can also be used when coming up with an advertising campaign, sales presentation or any other type of marketing project. It is the best way to catch your reader’s attention. Getting your readers to take action on what they’re reading is the main goal of any writer. The AIDA formula will help you do that by initiating a conversation with your readers. This makes them want to know more about what you have to say and encourages them to read on. There are a few steps to follow when following the AIDA formula.

  1. First, you advertise your product by drawing attention to it. A good way to do so is asking a question the the reader.
  2. Then, make potential customers aware that they can purchase your product.
  3. Afterwards, you explain them why they should care about your product by giving them more details about it and how it will help them.
  4. Finally, you inspire them to take action and purchase it by making it easy and enticing for them to buy the product.

The attention stage of the AIDA formula

To get your reader’s attention, you need to make them want to read more. One way to do this is by starting the article off with an interesting fact or statistic as “ninety-nine percent of people who start their day without breakfast end up eating junk food.” This grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. Attention is the most important stage in the AIDA formula, because attention is what will make people buy your product. You really need to hook your audience at the start of an article or product description and be sure that they read it all the way through.

To do this, you need to use compelling and persuasive words and phrases, like “new” and “amphibious” in the headline and Call-to-Action comments like “watch this video” or “see for yourself” in the body text. To catch your reader’s attention, you should create an opening that is relevant and intriguing. You can do this by telling a story, using statistics, or using creative writing to engage the reader. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important not to reveal too much information at once. The attention stage of the AIDA formula is all about grabbing your readers’ attention and drawing them in. You want to make sure that they will be interested in what you have to say. So, how do you do it?

  • Make sure you’ve written a catchy headline.
  • Choose an eye-catching image.
  • Create a brief yet informative intro paragraph that draws the reader into the topic.
  • Use different colors, fonts, and images to break up text and keep them reading.

Some examples for the attention stage:

Dog food: Your dog deserves the best, and that starts with quality food.
Recipe E-Book: Are you looking for a way to be more creative in the kitchen?
Online Sewing course: Do you want to learn to sew but you don’t have the time or money to go to sewing classes?

The interest stage of the AIDA formula

The interest stage is where you get your reader interested in your product. This is done by using headlines that are creative, concise, and intriguing to the reader. You have to give some information about the product or service so that they can better understand what it is you are trying to present. Let them know what you are going to write about.

The interest stage probably is the most important stage. You need to ask yourself what would really catch the reader’s attention. The idea of the interest stage is a reader’s first interaction with a topic. A blogger or writer’s goal is to spark interest in their potential customer. There are many ways to do this and it is crucial if you want to make a reader interested. If they don’t like what you offer, they won’t keep reading.

Some examples for the interest stage:

Dog food: It’s important to provide your dog with healthy, nutritious foods to keep them happy and healthy.
Recipe E-Book: The Ultimate Recipe E-Book includes over 100 recipes from across the world.
Online Sewing Course: Learn how to make an individual shirt with your sewing machine.

The desire stage of the AIDA formula

We all want to be acknowledged and felt like we matter. The desire stage of the AIDA formula is all about fulfilling this need. Here, you should stimulate an intense desire for change. This is where your reader will be swept up in the information you’re giving. The goal of this stage it to create desire for what you’re offering.

You can do this by providing authority, unique features or making an emotional connection. The desire stage of the AIDA formula is crucial because this is where you give your readers what they want through your writing. In this phase, you’re going to make them think about all of the advantages of what you’re offering. Let them know that you have the perfect solution in order to stimulate their desire.

Some examples for the desire stage:

Dog food: Give your dog the best by purchasing high-quality food online at a great price.
Recipe E-Book: If you want to cook great meals but don’t know how, this book will help you.
Online Sewing Course: Desire: Learn how to sew in just 12 weeks and make a professional, wearable garment of your own design.

The action stage of the AIDA formula

The action stage of the AIDA formula is all about what your reader will do once they’ve read your copy. It is about their decision to take the desired action you want them to take. The goal of this step in marketing is to make it as easy as possible for your reader to complete the desired action by using an effective call-to-action. This is where you entice your reader to subscribe to your newsletter, to order your product or to download an infographic.

If the action stage isn’t effective, it won’t lead to any results later. The action stage of the AIDA formula is about getting the prospect to do something. That something could be buying a product, making a phone call or enrolling in a seminar. You need to have a clear call-to-action in your headline, content and advertising. You also have to ensure that it is easy for visitors to take the next step by providing an evident link or button to easily submit their contact information.

Some examples for the action stage:

Dog food: Buy healthy food now!
Recipe E-Book: Start to cook new and tasty dishes!
Online Sewing Course: Enroll now and start learning today.

What are Examples of the AIDA Formula in Marketing?

The AIDA Formula is composed of four steps in sequence. The basic idea is that it is easier to sell people something when they know about it, are interested in it, want it, and take action to buy it. The AIDA Formula can be applied in many ways; for example, marketers often use it to introduce a product or service over the phone by telling the customer all the benefits.

See these examples in order to understand the AIDA Formula.

Financial Software:
Attention: How much do you really spend every month?
Interest: Track your finances with this powerful financial software.
Desire: Get an overview of your financial situation in just one click.
Action: Sign up for the free trial today to see how it works.

Attention: With so many sofas to choose from, you might find it difficult to figure out which sofa is right for you.
Interest: With our individual sofas, you can’t go wrong.
Desire: Sit back and relax with a comfy new sofa.
Action: Get your new sofa now!

Plumber Service:
Attention: Are you looking for a plumber? We can help.
Interest: Our team is available 24/7 to solve your plumbing problems.
Desire: Whether your home or business needs plumbing, we assist you with any project size.
Action: Contact Us Today!

Common Mistakes to Avoid Using the AIDA Formula

This formula is used to gain the attention of potential customers or clients by presenting information in a way that is interesting to them. However, it’s important not to make common mistakes while using this formula. For instance, it’s important not to give too much attention to one aspect of your product. Zhis could overwhelm people who are just looking for basic information.

AIDA is not a guarantee for success in all types of marketing campaigns. If readers are looking for directions to the nearest gas station, they are probably not interested in your marketing message. People with needs that have to be solved at the very moment will not care for anything, but the solution of the problem.

Another typical mistake is a message that’s not made for the right audience. If your target group are older people, they will not be attracted with a message for young people. Thus, they won’t continue reading a text that seems irrelevant to them.

Many people write long intros before the reader knows what the writer is going to write about. That’s a big problem. Focus on the audience and get to the point quickly. Nobody wants to read a long text when the information may be irrelevant.

Why the AIDA Formula Works

Not everything has changed in the last 140 years and that’s why the AIDA formula is still relevant today. This method gives you a step-by-step guide on how to get the readers attention and create interest in your product. It starts with Attention, then builds interest, stimulates desire and finally motivates them to make the desired actoin. The formula works because it targets the feelings of people. This means that it will appeal to your readers’ basic instincts.

Moreover, it is perfect for any kind of website owner in order to better understand how to create attention-grabbing product pitches and texts. You need to capture and hold your customer’s or reader’s interest by using writing techniques. Even if you don’t sell, but write about something, you want people to read the content you have created for hours.


We have talked about the AIDA Formula in detail and by now you are already able to use this technique. AIDA stands for:

  • Attention – Deliver an interesting fact or ask a question directly to the reader
  • Interest – Let the reader know what you are selling or what the text is about
  • Desire – Tell the reader why he or she needs the offered service
  • Action – Tell them how to reach their goal in the easiest way with a Call-to-Action-Command

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that if you want to use the AIDA formula, it’s crucial that you know what your reader wants. It’s also important to create a clear call-to-action, so they can continue reading or buy your product. If you want someone to purchase something from you or subscribe to your blog, you can use it a framework for your content.

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